Cordyceps & Fritillariae & Tiger Milk Mushroom PowderCordyceps & Fritillariae & Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder
Sold out

Cordyceps & Fritillariae & Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder

Suitable for those with allergic nose & cough with phlegm
Natural Si Shen PowderNatural Si Shen Powder

Natural Si Shen Powder

Suitable for who poor digestive system
Tiger Milk Mushroom PowderTiger Milk Mushroom Powder

Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder

Improve asthma/ Light sweet-bitter taste
Pearl Seven White PowderPearl Seven White Powder

Pearl Seven White Powder

Imperial Four Treasures PowderImperial Four Treasures Powder

Imperial Four Treasures Powder

Suitable for who have brain and heart blood vessel diseases
Natural Pearl PowderNatural Pearl Powder

Natural Pearl Powder

清热消炎 养颜
Dendrobium PowderDendrobium Powder

Dendrobium Powder

Precious Golden Silky Bird's NestPrecious Golden Silky Bird's Nest

Precious Golden Silky Bird's Nest

印尼 · 天然洞燕(中盏)【80-100盏/斤】
$133.50 - 880
Ganoderma PowderGanoderma Powder

Ganoderma Powder

Red Tongkat Ali PowderRed Tongkat Ali Powder

Red Tongkat Ali Powder

男性必备 提升专注力
American Ginseng PowderAmerican Ginseng Powder

American Ginseng Powder

Black Tongkat Ali PowderBlack Tongkat Ali Powder

Black Tongkat Ali Powder

男性必备 甘香
Golden Flowered Jade Bird's NestGolden Flowered Jade Bird's Nest

Golden Flowered Jade Bird's Nest

沙巴 · 天然岩洞燕
$77.50 - 232
Natural Pseudoginseng PowderNatural Pseudoginseng Powder

Natural Pseudoginseng Powder

止血神药 血液循环
Porcupine DatePorcupine Date

Porcupine Date

Obvious medicinal effects on the disease
Imperial Fish MawImperial Fish Maw

Imperial Fish Maw

大片 胶身较厚
Cordyceps & American Ginseng & Pseudoginseng PowderCordyceps & American Ginseng & Pseudoginseng Powder
Sold out

Cordyceps & American Ginseng & Pseudoginseng Powder

提神醒脑 血液循环
Natural Salvia Miltiorrhiza Powder Natural Salvia Miltiorrhiza Powder

Natural Salvia Miltiorrhiza Powder

促进血液循环 强心
Precious Fish MawPrecious Fish Maw

Precious Fish Maw

中条 口感滑嫩
Featured White Fish MawFeatured White Fish Maw

Featured White Fish Maw

Precious CordycepsPrecious Cordyceps

Precious Cordyceps

小条【虫体较细 】
$134 - 1,598
American GinsengAmerican Ginseng

American Ginseng

野山泡参 味甘微苦
Imperial Ginseng PowderImperial Ginseng Powder

Imperial Ginseng Powder

Imperial Fish MawImperial Fish Maw

Imperial Fish Maw

大条 口感滑嫩
Premium Fish MawPremium Fish Maw

Premium Fish Maw

特大片 胶身较厚

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