Five Leaves TeaFive Leaves Tea

Five Leaves Tea

Clears lungs/ Moistens dryness/ Enhances protection
Refreshing TeaRefreshing Tea

Refreshing Tea

Must for stay up late/ Clearing liver-heat
Sleepy TeaSleepy Tea

Sleepy Tea

Helper to sleep/ For who over stress
Lady's TeaLady's Tea

Lady's Tea

Most loved by women/ Aroma and light sweet
Damp-away TeaDamp-away Tea

Damp-away Tea

For poor spirit people/ For edema constitution people
Vision TeaVision Tea

Vision Tea

Eyesight protector
Skin-B TeaSkin-B Tea

Skin-B Tea

For sensitive skin/ Itchy skin savior
Fit Fit TeaFit Fit Tea

Fit Fit Tea

Helps defecate/ Suitable for who constipation
Body-king TeaBody-king Tea

Body-king Tea

Suitable for three high sufferers
Heat-away tea with GinsengHeat-away tea with Ginseng

Heat-away tea with Ginseng

Suitable for body heat of stay up late
Heat-away tea with ChrysanthemumHeat-away tea with Chrysanthemum

Heat-away tea with Chrysanthemum

Clearing body heat/ Most loved by children
Gentleman's TeaGentleman's Tea

Gentleman's Tea

Replenishing Qi/ Enhance vitality
Gluco-D TeaGluco-D Tea

Gluco-D Tea

Suitable for who high blood sugar
Singing TeaSinging Tea

Singing Tea

Suitable for sore throat / Fast recovering voice
Precious France Red RosePrecious France Red Rose

Precious France Red Rose

香气浓郁 花形完整 美白
Selected France Pink RoseSelected France Pink Rose

Selected France Pink Rose

气味较香 养颜圣品
Natural Dried Lemon SlicesNatural Dried Lemon Slices

Natural Dried Lemon Slices

高Vit-C 美白润肤
Natural RoselleNatural Roselle

Natural Roselle

适合爱美女性 润肤美白
Selected Dried Natural HawthornSelected Dried Natural Hawthorn
Sold out

Selected Dried Natural Hawthorn

Featured Natural RoseFeatured Natural Rose

Featured Natural Rose

养颜润肤 气味淡香
Selected Natural LavenderSelected Natural Lavender

Selected Natural Lavender

安神守护者 气味淡香
Natural ChrysanthemumNatural Chrysanthemum

Natural Chrysanthemum

清新淡香 花形完整
Imperial Embryo ChrysanthemumImperial Embryo Chrysanthemum

Imperial Embryo Chrysanthemum

气味芳香 清热必喝
Precious Embryo ChrysanthemumPrecious Embryo Chrysanthemum

Precious Embryo Chrysanthemum

花瓣未開功效更佳 清热
Selected Natural OsmanthusSelected Natural Osmanthus

Selected Natural Osmanthus

美白润肠 气味宜人 金桂
Selected Natural JasmineSelected Natural Jasmine

Selected Natural Jasmine

口味芬芳 生津止渴
Selected ChamomileSelected Chamomile

Selected Chamomile

无碎花瓣 睡眠守护者
Rosy TeaRosy Tea

Rosy Tea

Replenishing blood and Qi/ Enhance Immunity

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