Heat-away tea with GinsengHeat-away tea with Ginseng

Heat-away tea with Ginseng

Suitable for body heat of stay up late
Refreshing TeaRefreshing Tea

Refreshing Tea

Must for stay up late/ Clearing liver-heat
Fit Fit TeaFit Fit Tea

Fit Fit Tea

Helps defecate/ Suitable for who constipation
Heat-away tea with ChrysanthemumHeat-away tea with Chrysanthemum

Heat-away tea with Chrysanthemum

Clearing body heat/ Most loved by children
Five Leaves TeaFive Leaves Tea

Five Leaves Tea

Clears lungs/ Moistens dryness/ Enhances protection
Sleepy TeaSleepy Tea

Sleepy Tea

Helper to sleep/ For who over stress
Skin-B TeaSkin-B Tea

Skin-B Tea

For sensitive skin/ Itchy skin savior
Body-king TeaBody-king Tea

Body-king Tea

Suitable for three high sufferers
Damp-away TeaDamp-away Tea

Damp-away Tea

For poor spirit people/ For edema constitution people
Vision TeaVision Tea

Vision Tea

Eyesight protector
Gluco-D TeaGluco-D Tea

Gluco-D Tea

Suitable for who high blood sugar
Singing TeaSinging Tea

Singing Tea

Suitable for sore throat / Fast recovering voice
Gentleman's TeaGentleman's Tea

Gentleman's Tea

Replenishing Qi/ Enhance vitality
Lady's TeaLady's Tea
Sold out

Lady's Tea

Most loved by women/ Aroma and light sweet

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