Imperial Natural Wolfberry-XL

Imperial Natural Wolfberry-XL

Large size/ Meaty and plump/ Sweet taste
Premium Natural Wolfberry-XXL

Premium Natural Wolfberry-XXL

Super large size/ Meaty and plump/ Sweet taste
Precious Natural Solomon's SealPrecious Natural Solomon's Seal

Precious Natural Solomon's Seal

滋补佳品 味道香甜
Precious Red DatePrecious Red Date
Sold out

Precious Red Date

大粒 肉质饱滿香甜
$3.50 - 7.90
Natural Red DateNatural Red Date

Natural Red Date

Treasured Red DateTreasured Red Date
Sold out

Treasured Red Date

无籽 肉质饱滿香甜
Precious Red Date Slices Precious Red Date Slices
Sold out

Precious Red Date Slices

去核切片 肉质香甜
Treasured Red Date SlicesTreasured Red Date Slices

Treasured Red Date Slices

去核切片 肉质香甜
Selected Golden Cordyceps FlowerSelected Golden Cordyceps Flower

Selected Golden Cordyceps Flower

色泽金黄 香气浓郁
Featured Cordyceps FlowerFeatured Cordyceps Flower

Featured Cordyceps Flower

色条完整 味浓清香
Imperial Chinese Yam SliceImperial Chinese Yam Slice

Imperial Chinese Yam Slice

河南淮山 片型完整
Precious Natural Chinese Yam SlicePrecious Natural Chinese Yam Slice

Precious Natural Chinese Yam Slice

脫水 适合免疫力弱者
Natural Chinese Yam Slice

Natural Chinese Yam Slice

Iron Rod Yam/ Finest Yam
Imperial Dried LonganImperial Dried Longan

Imperial Dried Longan

果香浓郁 肉质饱满
Treasured Dried LonganTreasured Dried Longan
Sold out

Treasured Dried Longan

果实饱满 甜而不腻
Lignosus Rhinocerus Lignosus Rhinocerus

Lignosus Rhinocerus

适合哮喘患者 味甘不苦
Donkey Hide GelatinDonkey Hide Gelatin

Donkey Hide Gelatin

适合头晕贫血者 胶香四溢
Featured Natural Lycium Ruthenicum Featured Natural Lycium Ruthenicum

Featured Natural Lycium Ruthenicum

大量花青素 保护视力
Selected Black Garlic KingSelected Black Garlic King

Selected Black Garlic King

口味酸甜 食后无蒜味
Supreme Natural Pilosulae

Supreme Natural Pilosulae

Supreme Thick Size/ Clear Texture
Imperial Natural PilosulaeImperial Natural Pilosulae

Imperial Natural Pilosulae

Thick Size/ Clear Texture
Precious Natural PilosulaePrecious Natural Pilosulae
Sold out

Precious Natural Pilosulae

Medium Thick/ Clear Texture
Selected Natural Pilosulae

Selected Natural Pilosulae

Medium/ Clear Texture
Supreme Angelica SliceSupreme Angelica Slice

Supreme Angelica Slice

超大片 香甜味甘
Imperial Angelica SliceImperial Angelica Slice

Imperial Angelica Slice

大片 香甜味甘
Wild Supreme DendrobiumWild Supreme Dendrobium

Wild Supreme Dendrobium

特大粒 护肝圣品
Premium DendrobiumPremium Dendrobium

Premium Dendrobium

大粒 护肝圣品

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