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GoodBASE Pomegranate With Kr. Red Ginseng

Vitality/ Beauty/ Drink a healthy complexion


CKJ GoodBASE Pomegranate With Korean Ginseng is made through the quality control of the Korean R&D team and carefully selected raw materials (six-year-grown Korean ginseng, pomegranate extract).

  • Pomegranate KO Years, Beautifying
  • Quality checked by Korean R&D team
  • Pomegranate + Korean Red Ginseng, perfect ratio drink
  • Vitality, Drink a healthy complexion

Product Details

Ingredient: Purified Water, Pomegranate Extract, Frutooligosaccharide, Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Agave Syrup, Soybean Extract Powder. *Pomegranate Extract 18%
Best Before:
01 . 11 . 2022

Amount to use

Adults: 1-2 times daily, each time 1 pouch.
Kids below 12 years old:
1 time daily, each time 1 pouch.

Direction to use:

  • Shake well before consume, ripped the pouch and drink directly.
  • Chilled will have better taste, consume quickly after opening.
  • Drink after meals in morning. Do not consume with empty stomach.

Suitable for

  • Women who want to relieve discomfort before and after menstruation
  • Those who want to improve the skin quality & keep skin moist and bright
  • People who care about cardiovascular health
  • People who want to replenish iron & maintain a rosy complexion

* Pregnant women is avoid to drink.


  • Check each ingredient carefully for allergies and interactions.
  • If pregnant, nursing, or on medication, consult your physician prior to using this product.
  • Plant-based ingredients may create sediments. This is unrelated to product quality. Shake well before consumption.

Storage Method

  • Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity places to avoid moisture, heat and deterioration.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.