Herbal Farmer SG

Assorted Fruit & Veggie Crisp

Crunchy/ No MSG added


Assorted Fruit & Veggie Crisp is made of a variety of premium fruits and vegetables with vacuum fried technology which provide you the fruits and vegetables in a natural way of tidbit with crispy texture. Vacuum fried technology is originated from NASA's space food technology.

Product Details

Ingredient: Okra, Mushroom, Pineapple, Apple, Pumpkin, Banana, Green Beans, Peach, Winter Jujube, Vegetable Oil, Maltose, Salt.
Production Procedure:
Vacuum Cryogenic Dehydration
Best Before:
1 Year

Direction to use

Can be eat directly

Suitable for


Improper storage conditions, such as extended exposure to direct sunlight, high heat & humidity can cause product degradation over time.

Storage Method

Store in a cool and dry area, avoid direct sunlight and humidity and odours.


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